Graduating MWHS Student Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Overview

The Westonka District #277 Foundation will again be awarding scholarships to senior students in the Mound Westonka Class of 2024. The number of scholarships to be awarded is variable for each category, based on applications received as well as the donations and earnings of the funds described below.   

The first scholarship category is the Colonel Brown Scholarship, funded by a bequest from Colonel William (Bill) Brown, a 1938 graduate of Mound High School. His desire was to help students with the financial obligations of their post-secondary education. The scholarship is for $5,000 renewable for three additional years (for a total scholarship of $20,000) based on adequate academic performance.

The next category is the Bill Gillespie Scholarship, funded at the direction of the Westonka Foundation #277 Board of Directors. This scholarship is made possible by funds donated to the Foundation from the estate of Bill Gillespie. Bill Gillespie was a beloved and generous member of our community who contributed in significant ways with his time, talents and financial resources to a wide range of local causes. He especially enjoyed encouraging young people and was a faithful supporter of the Westonka District #277. This scholarship is a one-time award, up to $5,000, given to a student majoring in STEAM, the trades, or other worthy majors, with plans to study at a four-year, two-year, or trade/technical institution.

The  final scholarship category is the Westonka #277 Foundation Scholarship, funded at the direction of the Westonka #277 Foundation board of directors if funding is available and in amounts up to $15,000. The source of funds for this scholarship is donations from supporters of the Westonka District #277 Foundation.

The recipient of any of the above scholarships will be required to provide a transcript to the committee each December and must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4-point system and demonstrate adequate progress toward completion of the program.

The application period for the 2024 Seniors is now closed. Seniors graduating in the Spring of 2025 will be encouraged to apply for this scholarship beginning in January of 2025. Applicants will be able to apply online and applications will available in early 2025. The information below highlights the submission procedures, please see the online application or the downloadable application for more precise information regarding applying. 

Online (JotForm) Application: all online applications will be due sometime mid-February 2025. 

Link to the JotForm application. Apply here.

Please note that the content of the online (JotForm) application will match the content of downloadable application (that will eventually be found in the next paragraph). Applications in the online systems can be saved and returned to later, but you may want to download the Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF version of the application, so you are prepared to answer questions in one sitting. Additionally, we strongly recommend you save all answers to the questions in a Word or Google Doc separate from the on-line system just in case something goes wrong with your on-line submission. However, as you work through the Jotform, saving as you go, as well as once you submit your application online, you will receive an email with a PDF that you can print. That email will also have a link at the bottom of the email to go back in and modify your application should you need to change something (up until the deadline). If you do not receive this email, your application has not been successfully submitted. 

Applicants ARE REQUIRED TO SEND an email to Info@Westonka277Foundation.Org when they have submitted their application through the online system, even if they received an auto-email saying it was submitted, so we can confirm it has been received. We will then reply with an extra confirmation email. 

Downloadable (Google Doc) Application: this may be completed via computer or hand-written (in ink) and then mailed via the U.S. Postal system - but we would strongly prefer applicants use the online application/Jotform at the link above): 

     Link to the Google Doc application.

U.S. Postal System - Hard Copy Submission of Application: If submitting via the U.S. Postal system, please make and keep a copy of your application, no copy or PDF of the application will be made available by the Foundation. Applications not submitted online must be postmarked no later than the due date in February of 2025. If mailing an application - please send it to Westonka District 277 Foundation, Colonel Brown Scholarship Committee, PO Box 370, Mound, MN 55364. Applicants should email Info@Westonka277Foundation.Org to alert the committee that they have mailed their application. 

Scholarship Recommendation Forms: applicants must have one or two recommendation, utilizing the JotForm link below, from a school staff member and/or a non-family community member who knows the applicant well (e.g. employers, pastors, scout leaders, or coaches all qualify). We would prefer that recommendations be completed through the JotForm link below. If Jotform cannot be accessed, then the the form can be downloaded, completed, and emailed to Info@Westonka277Foundation.Org. If emailing, the subject line must read: "Recommendation for (Student's Name)." Recommendations will also be due in February of 2025.

           Link to Jotform Recommendation Form.

It is highly recommended that you plan to submit your application one week in advance of the deadline, so any technical difficulties can be remedied. Late applications, even if caused by technical difficulties, are not eligible for consideration; likewise, incomplete applications will not be considered. If you have questions or have any technical difficulties, you should email the committee at Info@Westonka277Foundation.Org