Grant Application

Grant Application and Grant Evaluation Information

Teachers, staff, and community members are encouraged to consider applying for a grant application in the Fall of 2024 to provide learning experiences for Westonka students. Recipients are selected based on educational value; numbers of learners impacted; availability of other sources of funding; and demonstrated need for the project. The grant application calendar varies from year to year. Grant applications for the 2024-2025 school year will be September 27th, 2024 with decisions being made by the end of October 2024. Teachers and staff will be notified via email of the deadlines. All applications should be submitted via our online Jotform system.

Examples of Grants Awarded:

Grants are Not Limited to Just Teachers:

Anyone with a project that provides an opportunity for learning is eligible to apply. Besides the schools, grants have been awarded to the Special Education Advisory Board, the Westonka Healthy Community Collaborative, and the Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with MWHS art students. 

Who is Eligible to Apply: Westonka District #277 staff and students as well as persons or groups implementing programs in District #277 schools. 

What kind of Projects: The Westonka District #277 Foundation seeks to fund projects that will enhance education for learners of all ages. These may include, but are not limited to: student programs occurring during the day, after–school programs, curriculum development, innovative learning practices, student or staff leadership programs, learning opportunities that promote partnerships, and community education.

Amount to be Awarded: Grants of up to $1200.00 will be awarded. 

2024-2025 Grant Applications will be accepted by September 27th, 2024.

Please find the Jotform application here at this link. Applications will only be accepted via this system. 

Applications in our online system can be saved and returned to later, but you may want to download the Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF version of the application so you are prepared to answer questions in one sitting. Additionally, we strongly recommend you save all answers to the questions in a Word Document separate from the on-line system just in case something goes wrong with your on-line submission. And finally, applicants are encouraged to apply via computer instead of cellular phone. 

Please follow the instructions on the application to submit on-line.

Link to a Google Doc version of the application (to be downloaded if you want to see what is on the application before submitting via the on-line system). 

Link to Adobe PDF version of the application (to be downloaded if you want to see what is on the application before submitting via the on-line system).  

Applicants may e-mail for further information or application assistance.

*Please note: when you have finished your grant application, please send an email with the title of your project, so we can reply and confirm that it was submitted correctly.*

Applicants will be notified of grants by the end of October 2024